“Taking Action with the Dent Authority Alliance”

Life changes quickly when a hail storm hits, but it doesn’t have to slow your business down.  Dent Authority, Inc. is here to assist you and get your focus back to selling cars.

•  Our Team of highly trained PDR Specialists are there to provide your dealership with immediate repair services for all sold units waiting for delivery.

•   The Dent Authority, Inc. can work hand in hand with you and your insurance provider to ensure proper estimation. All to often, insurance adjusters choose to “save time” and inspect the Dealer units outdoors and/or without the proper lighting.  Hail damage is easily missed or overlooked by doing so, resulting in poorly written estimates.  In many cases, estimates are 50-60% of where they need to be. Each individual vehicle needs to be inspected under the proper conditions.

•  The Dent Authority Inc. promises to deliver the highest quality repairs in a professional timely manner.  Our technicians are among the best in the Industry and your satisfaction is always a guarantee.  Please contact The Dent Authority Inc. or any of our references for additional information to better assist you.